Frank-Jürgen Methner

Prof. Dr. Frank-Jürgen Methner

Berlin Technical University

Institute of Food Technology and Chemistry

Specialty: brewing

1975 - 1981 Study of food technology in Berlin Technical University (specialty: brewing technology);

1981 - Member of the Quality Control Department in the brewing plant Schlösser, Dusseldorf;

1982 - 1986 Research fellow of the brewing experimental academy in Berlin;

1987 - Defense of a doctoral thesis in Berlin Technical University “Aroma development of “Berliner Weiße”, taking into account acids and esters influence”;

1987 – 1994 - Head of the Technology and Development Department in the brewing plant Bitburger;

1995 - 2004 - Head of the Technology and Quality Control Department Bitburger;

Since 2004 Holder of the brewing chair (the faculty of III technologies in Berlin Technical University.

Topical research issues:
• Development of beer and beer-based beverages by mixing of cultures with an accent on forming of “by-products fermentation”;
• Influence of antioxidant and transition metal ions of raw materials to sensory beer stability;
• Online monitoring of malt and barley roasting for purposes of process optimization;
• Formation of oxidative products during hop production;
• Beer filtration with the use of environmentally sound filter aid;
• Cold hopping of beer with the use of innovation methods;
• Oxidizing and recovering of dimethyl sulfide during malt process and beer production;
• Water preparation by crystallization for beer production.
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