Gerard Seghers

Economic & Commercial Counselor for Wallonia and Brussels.
Embassy of Belgium in Moscow

Date and place of birth: 02.12.1964, Watermael-Boitsfort (Belgium)


1989 Universite Libre de Bruxelles. M.A. Political Science and International Relations

1990 Postgraduate degree in International Trade, Cooremans Institute, Brussels


1990 Headquarters of the Military Hospital in Brussels. Translator (conscription service)


1992 - 1996 Embassy of Belgium in Berlin, Germany.
Commercial Attaché

1996 - 2006 Consulate general of Belgium in New York, USA – AWEX.
Trade Commissioner for Wallonia

2006 - 2012 Embassy of Belgium in Beijing, China, AWEX-Brussels Investment & Export.
Commercial Counselor for Wallonia and Brussels

2012 - 2017 Embassy of Belgium in Denmark – AWEX.
Economic and Commercial Counselor

2017 - now Embassy of Belgium in Moscow, Russia, AWEX-Brussels Investment & Export.
Economic & Commercial Counselor for Wallonia and Brussels
- Helping Belgian companies get access to local markets
- Assisting companies in their Belgian investment projects

Family status:
Married, has a son

Knowledge of languages:
French, English, Dutch, German
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