Ivan Kononov

Born May 3, 1953 in Rostov-on-Don.

Soviet and Russian television and radio host, journalist, producer, director, songwriter.

One of the creators of the "12th Floor" talk show (1 TV Channel). Was at the dawn of the ATV (Author TV Channel) foundation. Creator of the "Budka Glasnosti" TV show. Anchor of the following TV shows: "Third Eye" (NTV TV Channel), "Press Club" (ORT TV Channel), "Vmeste" (ORT TV Channel), "Night Flight" (TVCentre TV Channel), "New Old Apartment" (RTR TV Channel), "Substantive Talk", "The Present " (Zvezda TV Channel), "Yat" (Stolitza TV Channel). Head of the "Akuna Matata" youth talk show (RTR TV Channel).
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