Welcome letters

Roland Demleitner,
Private Brauereien Deutschland e.V.

"At present time, the brewing industry all over the world makes a new development round and regroups the spheres of influence. “Craft brewing” became one of the recent trends, followed by emerging of new brewing productions and beer brands.
The Russian brewing industry is a subject to global trends and there are many beers and brewing productions in the Russian market today, so we observe many reasons for creation of the brewing competition “ROSGLAVPIVO”.
Private Brauereien Deutschland e.V. supports the possibility of joint organizing and holding of the brewing competition with his partner Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union. Private Brauereien Deutschland is well experienced in this direction as they have been organizing an international brewing competition European Beer Star for many years.
We are sure that “ROSGLAVPIVO” will give new impulses to the Russian brewing industry, and also become an information platform, representing Russian brewing art and beer diversity."

Otto Köneke,
Product Manager Malting Barley International

"The main challenge of malting barley breeding is to ensure the best quality year by year even in difficult weather conditions.
Plant breeding is always a race between climate change, upcoming new diseases and keeping the value of barley in competition to other crops like corn or wheat.
New varieties are screened in different locations with the target to ensure a constant and plannable quality of every single harvest.
A good variety is the first step to get what you want: very high quality beer"

Company Bühler

"We, the company Bühler, as an equipment producer for malt and brewing productions, support participants of the new competition and wish everyone to become a winner.
It is very important to select a winner of the competition ROSGLAVPIVO and study tasting characteristics of a popular drink - beer since Russian old days. We hope that the award will be presented to the best representative of the industry and make other participants to improve their product and win next time.
We wish you a fair play and the win!"

Welcome letter of M.A. Protasov to participants of ROSGLAVPIVO: