Pekka Kääriäinen

"The beer and beerculture is borderfree. It is good, that Russia is also a part of global wave of craftbrewing with raising interest in new variations of beers and competitions".

Pekka Kääriäinen

Born in 1956.

Master of Science; M.Sc (Econ.) from Helsinki School of Economics 1987
1971 Starting hobbybrewing of Sahti-beer
1985 Founder of Lammin Sahti –brewery (oldest microbrewery in Finland)
2013 Founder of Bryggeri Helsinki –brewery-restaurant,
1989 Founder of Finnish Sahtisociety and the national Sahticompetition,
1992-2014 Founder and a longtime chairman of the Finnish Smallbrewery Association,
2002 Founder of the biggest finnish beerfestival –Great Beers-Small Breweries,

Many times awarded by beer sector in Finland

Judge in many competitions:
- Sahti (Finland)
- Gotlands Drikku competition (Sweden) 2 times
- European Beer Star (Germany) 5 times
- Brasilian Beer Contest (2016)