Elizaveta Shibaeva

Shibaeva Elizaveta Olegovna, 14.09.1989

Brewer-technologist, technologist of fermentation industry, chief technologist

Citizenship: Russia Place of residence: Lipetsk

Family status: married

Children: 2


After finishing Gymnasium in 2007, entered the Russian State Agricultural University named after K.A. Timiryazev (2007/2011), the specialty: Bachelor of Technics and Technology
Then went into further academic study in the Moscow State Agro-Engineering University of V.P. Goryachkin (2011-2013), the department: Processes and machines in agro-business, direction: Metrology, standardization and certification (diploma with honours)


Core skills:

1. Skills in all brewing production process
2. Monitoring of all finished products
3. Control of sanitary condition
4. Control of input raw materials
5. Microbiological beer control
6. Drafting of all technical and technological documentation
7. Publications in magazines
9. Personal skills: communicability, punctuality, responsibility

Work experience: 5 years


LLC Skit (technologist) Brewery «Braubauer
LLC SPETSSNAB (Chief technologist) «Podgorenskybrewing plant»
LLC Brewer (technologist) restaurant-brewery «De Bassus»
LLC Brewing plant Novolipetsky (Chief technologist)
LLC Kega (Chief technologist) Private brewery «Borinskoye» (till present)