Alexander Mordovin

President of Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union, a member of the Council for Agricultural and Environmental Management Issues within the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the RF, a leader of the division "Viticulture and wine-making development and alcohol market regulation".

Alexander Mordovin has been working in the Russian agricultural complex for over 20 years. Issues covering federal programs of raw material supply for malt and brewing industries, coordination of activities and interaction of all links of the production chain “malting barley - beer”, legislative and technical regulation, cooperation with federal legislative and executive authorities, responsible for the development of the Russian agricultural complex, regulation and circulation of alcohol production, taking into account implementation of the Government Strategy focused on the development of agricultural and alcohol industries, determined by the Food Security Doctrine, the State Program for the development of agriculture and regulation of agricultural, raw material and food markets in 2014-2020 in order to create conditions for accelerated import phase-out and extension of export potential of the country and also “The Concept on a Drop of Alcohol Abuse Level and Alcoholism Abuse Prevention for the Period up to 2020”, approved by the Government Decree No 2128-p dd. 30.12.2009 – all this refers to Alexander’s responsibilities.

Alexander Mordovin is an author and co-author of scientific papers and publications: “Russian malting barley”, “Vertical agro-business synergy – an analysis of malting barley production and processing chain”, “Malting barley – European selection programs”, “Malting barley – seven steps to success”, “Development of domestic malting barley seed market”, “Malting barley – the history of Russian agro-projects development” and also Alexander translated various technical and legislative professional books from German to Russian language, including tax law of the European Union, concerning production and circulation of brewing wine and strong alcohol products, Technical Regulations and Directives of the European Community Council by instruction of the Government Commission for Improving of Competitiveness and Alcohol Market Regulation and the Agricultural Department of the RF.

Alexander Mordovin is engaged in public activities and a member of Expert Councils within federal executive and legislative authorities:
- a member of the Council for Agricultural and Environmental Management Issues within the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the RF;
-  a representative of the Scientific and Research Food Quality Center “Weihenstephan” of the Munich Technical University, has a certificate of “the Expert in brewing”, issued by TU Munich;
- a member of the Public Council of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF;
- a member of the Working Group for Increasing of Effectiveness of the State Regulation and Competition at the Alcohol Market within the Government Commission for Improvement of Competitiveness and Alcohol Market Regulation;
- a member of the Scientific Advisory Board attached to RF Duma Committee on Agrarian Issues;
- member of the Expert Council Presidium under the Committee of the Federation Council for Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental.