Presnyakova Olga Petrovna - PhD in Technical Sciences, honored worker of the food industry, a member of Russian Journalists’ Union.

Director General, the Chief Editor of “Food Industry Publisher” and also special magazines devoted to agriculture: “Food industry”, “Storage and processing of agricultural raw materials”, “Beer and beverages”, “Russian breadmaking”, “Wine making and viticulture”, “Candy manufacture”.

In 1962 Presnyakova O.P. began working in LLC “Food Industry Publisher” in the position of the Technical Director. Obtained a higher education with a degree in journalism and continued working in publishing house, upgrading her skills: Technical Editor, Editor, and Chief Editor.

In 1984 this direction was in demand as the Government decided to renew a magazine “Food industry” – basic for all food magazines. Olga Petrovna was appointed to the position of the Departmental Manager.

Then the editorial office was reregistered in to LLC “Food Industry Publisher” where Presnyakova O.P. became the Deputy CEO and Chief Editor.

Organizing of special food issues, visiting of food companies, communication with scientists, participation in tasting procedures, competitions and conferences – all this inspired Olga Petrovna to study science. In 2005 got PhD in Technical Sciences.

At present, Presnyakova O.P is the Director General and Chief Editor of “Food Industry Publisher” and the Chief Editor of some magazines. Awarded Certificates of Acknowledgement of the Ministry of Agriculture, Medals “In Commemoration of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow”, “For Contribution to the Development of the Agricultural Complex”, “For Wealth and Prosperity of Russia” and was given a “Honored Title of Food Industry Worker”.