Olga Gamidova

Date of birth- May 9, 1972

Managing Director of LLC “Ipatovsky brewing plant”


1987-1991 – Food Technical School (Novocherkassk)
1991-1996 – Voronezh Technological Academy (fermentation technologies)
1999-2000 – Scandinavian brewing school (Denmark)
2011- Lean Academy (Denmark)
2019г – Training courses in Franchiser’s school

Additional education:

Business-training activity:
“Practical motivation”, “Effective management skills”, “Ways of staff development”, “Effective management communication” “Motivating leadership” , “Guiding and coaching”, “Management of changes”,  “Situational leadership”, “Training for trainers”.

Lean: Russian Lean school – “Lean production. Leadership. Creation of effective Lean-crews”, “RIE. Theory and practice”, “Instruments for problem solution: top class”.

Lean JIPM (Japan)-basic courses ТРМ

English advanced training courses



In 2004 awarded a medal “The best brewing specialist”  
In 2013 made the top 100 best Russian managers.
In 2014 awarded an Order of Merit in the brewing industry.

Articles: “Thrift to the last drop… of beer”. The Magazine “Standards and quality”, 2011.
Speaker of 2 conferences devoted to lean production – Moscow and Samara.