Ermolaeva Galina Alexeyevna – the chairholder of “Technology of sugar, subtropical, food and flavor products” of the Moscow State University of Food Production

After graduation from the Institute, gained qualification in engineering “Fermentation technologies”

 D.Sc. in engineering “Alcohol and non-alcoholic production technologies” and “Sugar production technologies”. Professor, International trainer Ing-PAED.
Worked in the All-Russian Research Brewing, Non-Alcohol and Wine Industry Institution, All Russian Part-Time Food University (held classes of fermentation technologies).    

Since 1991, has been working in the Moscow State University of Food Production: gives lectures, directs thesis works of magisters, postgraduates, bachelors in the field of beverage biotechnologies, physicochemistry of carbohydrates transformation; conducts PHD, gives lectures to representatives of the industry.    
Areas of expertise cover beverage technologies improvement. 12 Ph.D. theses have been defended under her lead. An author of 300 scientific and technical papers, including published abroad; 13 patents, 2 federal training beer and beverage technology books, guidelines for brewing labs, a scientific editor of monographs for brewing art, issued in Germany.   
A member of the Expert Councils, the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation, the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles within the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Public Government, Tasting Commissions, Council for Ph.D. thesis.

Has Government and professional awards.