Lukmanov Renat Magdanovich


Born in the Tashkent region, v. Iskander, Uzbek SSSR

In 1979 graduated from secondary school

1979-1983 a student of Ivanovsky Textile Institute

Specialty: engineer-mechanic

1984-1994 worked in Ivanovo executive authorities

1985 Instructor of the City Committee for Physical training and sport in Ivanovo

1988-1995 the Chairman of the Soviet Region Sport Committee in Ivanovo

1999-2010 Director of Ivanovo Beverage Plant LLC “Limpopo”

2010 Director of Live Beer Plant LLC “Vagant-RR”

Hobby: football (1983-1986 participant of the SSSR Football (masters’ command) «Volzhanin «Kineshma)