Saylaonova Tatiana Nikolayevna, was born on 7th of March 1967 in the RF, Karmalinovskaya st., the Stavropol Krai.

In 1990 graduated from the Pyatigorsky State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages with honors. A specialty - French and German languages.  

Professional experience:
1993 - 1997 – a teacher of French language in the secondary school 42 in Vladikavkaz;
1997 - 2000 - a guide-interpreter in the museum of S.M. Kirov;
2000-2006 – Executive Director in the supermarket “Solnechny”.
In 2003 passed the Presidential program for management training with honors, implemented due to the President Decree.
In 2004 won a scholarship within the Presidential program for Russian managers and completed training in Berlin (Bildungszentrum am Müggelsee ).
Passed Mini-MBA in Moscow and various advanced courses.
    In 2006 became the first Deputy General Director in LLC “Daryal” and since 2011 till now is Managing Director of this company.
    On 12th of November 2014 became the Chairman of the Board of Social-Active Business Association “Sila Edinstva” in Severnaya Ossetia.
    Since 30th of October 2015 is a Deputy of the Assembly of Representatives of VI session in Vladikavkaz.
Awarded a Jubilee medal “100 years of Russian Labour Unions”.
Is proficient in French and German languages.