Irina Khoroshilova

Quality Director of OOO “Tarkos”


1) Voronezh Engineering Institute.
Specialty: technical engineer of the fermentation industry – 1988
2) Voronezh State Technological Academy.
“Economics and Company Management” -  2006
 Work experience:

•    ООО “TARKOS” - Quality director since 2013 till now. A member of the taste panel of the following plants: OOO “Pivovarnya”, OOO “Pivovarnya C”. Independent tasting estimation of beer based on “FlavorActiV Sensory Systems”. A member of the State Examination Commission of the engineering department of the Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies
•    OAO “Brewing company “Baltika” “Baltika-Voronezh”. Key specialist in the quality management system since December 2006 till May 2012. A member of the taste commission having estimating rating in “FlavorActiV”.
•    OAO “Brewing plant Voronezhsky”. Department manager in the quality management system since April 2002 to December 2006.  
•    OAO “Brewing plant Voronezhsky” Deputy Chief Brewer. Senior engineer since 1999 to 2002. A member of the taste commission. Theory and practice training of the beer taste estimation from the Information Centre “Beer and beverages of the 21st century”.
•    OAO “Brewing plant Voronezhsky” Production engineer of the technical department since 1994 to 1999
•    All-Russian Scientific Institute Junior Research Assistant since 1988 to November 1991.

Advanced training courses, trainings:

•    The Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. “Technology of alcohol and non-alcoholic products”. Specialty – “ A method to detect taste and flavor beer defects”.
•    Information Center “Beer and beverages”. Organization of the microbiological control in beverage companies (beer, kvass, bottled and mineral water) and the methodology of identification of  the infection source.
•    International Research Centre “Beer and beverages of the 21st century”. A seminar “Tasting as an instrument for detecting beer defects”.
•    The Ministry of Agriculture of the RF. St. Petersburg Institute of Food Management Technologies”. Beer taster course. Appendix to the certificate No 755 Concerning individual tasting skills. Recommendations for activities in the tasting commission.