"Every producer shall know what place and quality is his product in order to improve beer quality characteristics and enlarge distribution. This scheme is working successfuly all over the world."

Irina Zimmermann

Was born on the 14th of April 1972 in Alma-Ata, RSFSR.

Education: 1991 - Diploma with honours in fermentation industry.

Work activity:
Brewing plant Alma-Ata 1, Пивной завод Алма-Ата 1, technologist.
1993 - 1996 brewing plant "Stuttgarter Hofbr?u", Stuttgart, quality department.
1997 - 2006, РR.
2006 - 2013, brewing plant "Alpirsbacher Klosterbr?u", Schwarzwald.
Since 2010 - beer sommelier.

Took 3rd place in German beer sommelier competition in 2015.

Took 3rd place in international beer sommelier competition in San-Paulo, Brazil, in 2015. Irina was the only woman who passed elimination trials (53 participant from 11 countries).

Today Irina bears the name of the best female beer expert in the world.

Also Irina owns a company and earns money by dint of consultations, workshops, beer articles, etc.

Irina has a great experience in beer judging worldwide.