Brief biography

From 2012 Portalimova Natalya was a Chief accountant in the brewing plant “Czech Lion”.
From 2014 – Director of the plant.

Take part in conferences and seminars; awarded the Merit Certificate of Food and Processing industry of the Kursk Region for achievements in production, quality and improvement of brewing products to the Russian market. Recommended for a work in the tasting commission. Took advanced training courses “Beer testing rules. Development and production of new beer brands”. All drinks are produced according to GOST, sanitary requirements and conformance certificates. The company has 13 gold medals of international testing competitions, 4 silver medals of the international professional competition and has a title of “The best beer 2018”. During 18th International Forum Beer-Sochi, beers of the company awarded three gold medals.

The company supplies beer not only in Black Earth Area, but the Republic of Crimea, Siberia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic.